Monday, 25 January 2010

Finally I have a bit of time to start updating this page so I was trying to think about a reason to actually make it interesting and worth clicking onto (a photographic blog with a large collection of pictures is nice but these days somewhat irrelevant) so I thought that when I'm traveling and/or have the time I will put up images that I like, the ones that perhaps didn't quite make the edit for whatever reason and the ones that I've taken for no real reason other than it was something I liked, like a dog in a hat for example.

I had quite a few trips toward the end of last year to weird places, and have some more coming up in the next few weeks, all of which have some quite wonderful and strange stories to tell so to get started I might try and relay some tales of what happened when my trusty assistant James and I undertook a project late last year to spend 14 days traveling through the Outer Hebredies exploring island life and trying to capture the correlation between modernisation and tradition.

From the word go it didn't really go as planned but ended up becoming my favorite project I have ever undertaken. I've always said that I'm at my happiest when lost somewhere with a bag full of cameras and thats exactly what happened.

The image above is from a little adventure we undertook in December when we flew out to Berlin to shoot a very nice story for the French fashion magazine Upstreet.